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Tables and benches for dental technicians. Production of dental accessories provided with extractions and ventilations. Composable elements, compositions, portable extractions, centralized extractions, desk lamps, suction hoods, plaster decantation tanks, technical instumentation for dental laboratory.

Product List
W_comp - 2
W_comp - 3
W_comp - 4
Composition: W4+W2+L55+W7 // W21

Size: cm 208 x 53,5 x H86,5

Accessories: LAV.CER + GM/S

This line of furniture is the ideal choice for the surgery rooms.

The parts are built mild steel, cold-rolled, electro-galvanized to EN-10152 standards, selected from prime quality materials. All the drawers of the units, the shelves, and the relative components in steel have a finish which is resistant to dried acids, alkali and solvents. Before the painting process, every part is fully cleaned, to be ready to the powder coatings in oven.

The painting application consists in the electrostatic application of polymerized epoxy powder coatings in oven at 180 °C. The thickness of the dry film on each of the parts without distinction, is a minimum of 50 µm, without "orange peel" effect, depressions, drips or over sprayings.

Construction and design guarantee the maximum level of strength and rigidity for every modular unit. Every modular unit of a composition, are built to ensure uniformity and interchangeability and, furthermore can be assembled with simply assembly tools. To compensate for unevenness of the laboratory floor, all the modular units rest on adjustable feet, permitting perfect alignment of the units.

The doors and drawers handles, consist of a single piece of stainless steel , and are secured to the door by screws. The doors or front panels of the drawers are made of painted steel. The working top, is available in plastic laminate

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